Spring 2018 Products and prices:

Our four frames nucs comes with two frames of brood in different stages of development, a frame of honey/pollen, frame of drawn foundation and adhering bees with a young, hygienic, naturally mated queen and the nuc box.

  • Four frames spring Nucs with Strachan “imported” Queen: Available starting May 26 (weather permitting)

Four frames nucs come with Strachan New World Carniolan queens matted spring 2018,

Those queens are not the average imported queens, Strachan is one of the best queen breeder in the USA, their queens are in high demands and favored in the Prairies, Yukon, Northern states and Alaska. We also select from this stock to infuse our breeding stocks for genetic diversity.

The queens are introduced to the nucs at least three weeks before delivery where will be evaluated to ensure highest quality.

Price:  $180

  • Four frames overwintered Nucs with Ontario Queen: Available starting May 19 (weather permitting) (SOLD OUT)

  • Four frames overwintered Nucs with Ontario Italian Queen (Szabo): Available starting May 19 (weather permitting) (SOLD OUT)

Queens available starting July 1 (weather permitting)

Our queens locally open matted, from a New World Carniolan breeder mother in a matted area saturated with New World Carniolan drones from our breeding stock.

Price:  $45


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  • 50% deposit is required to secure your order.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • We accept, Cash, Cheques and Email Money Transfer.  Please allow five business days for cheques to clear.
  • There are absolutely no bees or beekeeping equipment/tools allowed to be brought in our bee yards.
  • You are fully responsible for your nucs once they are in your car. We recommend bringing netting with you as well as your protective clothing.