The BeeDome

The BeeDome is our developed system for indoor nucs wintering. We were researching and developing this system for over five years and we went through few design iterations. Finally the system was ready for live trials in the fall of 2013.

It is a modern innovative computerized system, which efficiently control the environment where the bees are kept saving labor and cost. It extend the beekeeping season so we can provide early strong and healthy nucs.

When the nucs are outside they are managed the same way any other hive is managed and inspected. Then the nucs goes into the BeesDome in late November for the winter.

The first few weeks the nucs are in the indoor overwintering configuration, The nuc are kept in perfect environmental conditions ensuring minimal food store consumption.

While the nucs are indoor they are regularly monitored and inspected. Late winter we also do mite count to decide if treatments with oxalic acid or formic acid is needed later in the spring.

The BeeDome is one of the most important factor in delivering reasonably priced quality bees.